Cocktail classes

Ever wanted to be a bartender? Ever wished you knew how to make a classic Old Fashioned? Maybe you've wanted to impress your friends and family at the next gathering. Well, now is your chance. Let us bring the cocktail bar experience to your own home. 

With our in-home, hands-on cocktail class we teach you all of our dirty little secrets. When you are done with this class you will be able to make a multitude of basic classic cocktails in addition to more in-depth craft cocktails. This is a truly unique experience for you and your friends or family where you get to make the cocktails and drink them too!

Our Cocktail Classes offer you and a group of your choosing to learn in-depth spirit and cocktail knowledge. We will come to your home and set up a mobile bar right inside your house. You will then partake in crafting these delicious libations in addition to learning all about the spirits that make them up and the history behind all of them.

We can cater which drinks and spirits you would like to learn about based on you and your guests personal taste preferences. We will not only teach you these drinks and have you make them with us, you will indulge in the lovely spirits as well while we discuss each one thoroughly. When it is all said and done, we don't want your night of imbibing to cause you to forget these lovely drinks. So, every guest will receive their very own, hand-made cocktail recipe book with detailed instructions and information about all of the beverages and their components.

When you are ready to up your game, or be the coolest host at work, or just have a fantastic night at home with friends, take one of our Cocktail Classes and become a master of the craft!

Cocktail Classes Include:

-In-Home Cocktail Catering

-Basic Cocktail Instruction

-Hands-On Cocktail Making

-Use of our one of a kind, vintage glassware

-Cocktail/Spirits History and Tasting

-Handmade Recipe Book

* This does not include the price of alcohol. The client is responsible for the cost and the purchasing of wine, beer, and liquor.