Custom Bartending

Alright. Let's get serious. Real serious. Real serious about our alcohol. This is the ultimate premium bartending package. Our Custom Bartending Package is a completely unique, customizable, mobile cocktail experience. If you are looking to have an event that you will remember when you are 90, then look no further. This is your party. This is your bar.

This package can be as glamorous and glitzy or as rustic and rugged as you desire. With limitless possibilities we can create the most amazing beverages for you and your guests. 

The Custom Bartending Package is designed to accommodate up to as many guests as you plan for. Everything that we offer in our Classic Bartending Package comes without saying. But, we will also create your very own custom signature cocktail menu. We will combine our expertise and knowledge with your wishes and creativity to concoct the most delicious, mouth-watering, amazing beverages. We recommend that you stay within a four base spirit maximum. This will pretty much cover any drink you would want. Trust us. All the drinks prepared will be created specifically for you and your event. We will still offer classic craft cocktails in addition to the exquisite custom beverages. Beer and wine can be provided as well. But, who wants beer and wine when you can have a once in a lifetime cocktail. 

This is definitely the most premier event bartending package that you will ever find! Having carte blanche in regards to most all aspects of the catering truly gives you the opportunity to make this your party and your bar.

The Custom Bartending Package includes:

-All Basic Bartending Services

-Creation of Custom Signature Cocktails

-Additional spirit selection

-Custom Design of Cocktail Menus for Guests

-Use of mobile bar and settings

-Package price and availability is dependent on customer needs and size of party.

-Contact us for more details and specific pricing.

* This does not include the price of alcohol. The client is responsible for the cost and the purchasing of wine, beer, and liquor.