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 Quite possibly our most important team member, “Floyd” is a dream come true. Made completely from reclaimed American white oak and chestnut, floyd is a true embodiment of our rustic yet refined nature.

 Detailed craftsmanship


 every board, nail, screw, cut, and finish was carefully and expertly crafted by the amazingly talented folks at St. pierre woodworking and sawmill in floyd, va. these incredible individuals worked tirelessly with us from concept to cocktail in order to bring our vision to life. when deciding on a name for our bar, we felt that the only appropriate one would pay homage to the folks at St. pierre woodworking and all of the amazing people of floyd, va. what better name than “floyd”.


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 One of the most crucial aspects of floyd, is his functionality. after years of working behind bars, we knew what we needed to SUCCESSFULLY execute our craft behind a mobile bar. we carefully chose all of the equipment from drip trays to ice wells that would complete floyd’s outfit. we made the DECISION to not cut any corners on the design and build of this beast. so, if we couldn’t find the exact piece of equipment that we needed or wanted, we had someone make it for us. floyd is truly one of a kind.